Friday, July 28, 2017

My White Shirt

Today, while sitting at a public place, I saw two young boys wearing similar red dress. The boys were twins, looking exact replica of each other. They looked very happy, creating nuisance for their parents, laughing, running, doing all mischievous among themselves. It was as if, they don't need another person in this world, so happy to be together.
 As with every situation, mind started overwhelming with lot of thoughts in that very moment. In a fraction of a second so many things came to my mind. 'What will happen when they grow up?' 'Will they fight on trivial things?' 'Will they share every thing?' 'Will they share their darkest secret among them self?' ' Which one is elder of them?' 'Would they share same bond, had they not been twins?' Wait... What?? Yes, only twins can have this sort of bond, right?
  All of a sudden, everything froze around me. My mind took a jump out of space-time continuum. All those thought stopped with that question. And I could remember my self wearing a 'white shirt'.... It was when I was a small child. Perhaps, I've seen that in a childhood, picture many times. Me, in a white shirt, standing in porch of our old house. But I was not the only one in that picture, nor was I the only one wearing that white shirt.
 It is said that, to be politically correct, you must not take names, or make direct references. So, I'll try to stay politically correct. But, there was someone else wearing the similar 'white shirt'. My mind traversed a whole lifetime, before coming back to present. It was like reliving the past again, but just watching it. Not interacting with it.
  We were not twins. We did not look even remotely similar. I was plump and cute kid. He was lean and active child. It feels so hard to say, but we were not even children to same parents. Yet we had the same blood (Cousins). We had 'the bond'. I remember, how we took pride in getting same cloths and other things (Though, different sizes.) I even remember, after we moved away, we use to sync watches with time shown just before news bulletin on DD national channel, so that we'd know that both of us are seeing the same time. How silly it sounds now, I am not sure what usefulness we found in it. But we don't do everything for usefulness. Sometimes, we do it for other silly reasons like love. Sometimes, we do things because we are kids. Coming back to present, it is evident that its not only twins who share this bond. But these kids infront of me are twins. Still wondering how would they be when they grow up? Will they be like us ? I can't say, only time knows that. However, I wish they keep laughing, crying, talking, playing together. Keep telling each other stories of life, sharing joys & sorrows, taking & giving advises. I hope they both are there for each other when needed. I wish they remain brothers....

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